digital engagement space demonstration

Take a tour of our digital engagement space, a 360-degree virtual environment and consultation tool, combined with conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI). engagement is designed to help the people in your communities be heard on the projects and issues that matter most to them - in a platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Engagement can be customised to your project and community needs - from an interactive virtual project environment like this, to a chatbot that can have a natural conversation and be trained in a variety of languages.

With this tool, visitors to your unique virtual project site can explore and interact with an array of visualisations and project information to better understand any proposed changes, and potential impacts on the existing environment.

Underpinned by natural language processing, the visualisations can be easily linked with our Beca AI chatbot, enabling your visitors to provide feedback on specific areas of the project that are important to them. It also gives visitors the opportunity to engage with your project team through a live chat option.

To try out what digital engagement might look like for you, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the give your feedback button.

We understand that fast, accurate data capture and analysis of stakeholder feedback is important to robust decision-making. You will receive access to an easy-to-read insight dashboard, showing the fine detail of responses through to summaries of sentiment on key issues and trends, and how this varies by location and over time.

If statistics excite you, check out the type of dashboarding we can provide.

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